You on the tube?

I am.

YouTube to be exact. Whenever there’s something I don’t know or a skill I want to hone, I turn right to YouTube!

Want your hair to match the hot girl summer vibe? You must check out @Jenabarenee ‘s YouTube channel :  JenabaRenee

This boss babe has been slaying her hair and wigs since forever and is finally diving deep in showcasing them skills!

She’s in that corner of YouTube that truly keeps it real….while most pretend they came out the womb styling their crown, Jenaba is honestly letting you know yeah you’ll mess up the first time – but it’s always finesse-able. There’s trial and error. That is okay, especially since the end result is well worth it.

She prides herself in always keeping it real and making content for the average on trend guy/girl in the DMV. Understanding that hair can easily get out hand cost-wise she has dug deep to find the best vendors at a perfect price point and is even gearing up to launch her own hair line.

Can’t. Wait.

In the meantime


Wig construction




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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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