Re.Sourcing w/ my fav. Source.

For positivity and recharging.

This post is actually probably part 1/3. It’s near to my heart. It’s dear to my heart. It’s Bri.

I met this boss babe while I was admittedly broken. Didn’t matter to her. Her light and positively shone so hard it inspired my dim one.

JusssSoul, what is a Bri? Who is Bri?

Bri is the mastermind behind the Re.Sourcing platform.

From her own words: ” Healing is a privilege. And the more you want to heal, the deeper you want to go, the better you want to feel….It gets more overwhelming, you may feel more helpless, and not to mention if you follow on the heels of a lot of these wellness platforms it can get expensive. Then add in the dynamic of being a woman of color, which totally transforms how we approach(or don’t) and experince healing. Being plagued by prejudices and injustices surrounding our “double minority” identity( black and woman) we are probably most in need of healing but last to receive. From poor access to health care, lack of awareness of treatment, engrained stigma, fear of judgement, and an overall lack of representation. The obstacles to healing are forever present. My aim with the platform is to create a community where healing is accessible, valuable, and sustainable for REAL ass women. I intend to create a space where an EXCHANGE of resources, dialogue, and most importantly LOVE can aid WOC to share their personal journey of healing, compassion, and self love to encourage others to take to take the first step.

This she wrote in February. Unbeknownst to her she taught me something I needed to learn. It’s crazy because I met her maybe two weeks before this. Everything happens for  a reason and I’m blessed the universe aligned us. (also s/o regina<3) 

Not only is this a platform for positivity but she’s also started an AMAZING pen pal program with incarcerated women. She has drives for the homeless and much more in store for yall. 

Get your vibrations up and make sure to check out @re.sourcing. 

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