Lush Lips

I have big lips.

Like actually would give Kylie Jenner a run for her money.

Because they’re so right there I try my best to make sure they’re always pillow soft luscious too 🙂

Some time ago I noticed my lips would really be going through it. The culprit? Lipsticks with parabens. Unfortunately some companies are still behind and don’t make the most lip friendly lippies.

Ladies save yourself some grief

Stay far away from lip products with too many ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Apply lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, lip shine, vasaline or whatever your vice is (as long as it’s not cocaine) to your lips every time you use the bathroom

  1. I say this because it’ll be a easy way to remember to hydrate your lips through the day. No one likes chapped lips
  2. You’ll be touching your lips when they are their cleanliest. I’m hoping y’all actually wash your hands (pls do)

DIY Lip Treatments

  1. a teaspoon of turmeric & yogurt
  2. a teaspoon of aloe & olive oil
  3. a teaspoon of lemon & honey
  4. a teaspoon of Honey & sugar

Last but not least, apply Vaseline before bed & make sure to never bite ya lips.

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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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