Save?Savings? Saverrrrr

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the things I’ve truly been trying to learn to master is mastering my money.

Not just making it.

Not just saving it.

but M A S T E R I N G the Benjamins!

You either make a bunch of money or you save a bunch to be fiscally on top. Unfortunately, I’m not cool, smart or savvy enough to make as big of a bag as I’d like. Double whammy is the fact that I’d spend quicker than I made my coins. I admittedly was on a mission to appease my inner child by buying up all the things I wanted when I ain’t had shit. I also, maybe just a little, used materialistic purchases as a way to fill the little voids in my soul. Luckily, those days are long gone. Nowadays I’m more thrilled at hitting my financial goals than copping new thangs!

Moreso, I’m excited to share a couple of my money tips and tricks with you. Hopefully this post saves you a little bit of trial and error and gets you on the path to financial conquest.

  1. Make a budget. A realistic one. If it’s not realistic you’ll fail every time. Start with a list of your fixed expenses(rent, phone, Netflix, car, etc) and then give yourself a little leeway with a small category of treats(movies, eating out, etc) If you don’t set aside $ for the second set you’ll end up dipping into your savings 😦
  2. Repeat after me, you are broke. B r o k e. BROKEEEEEE. Look in the mirror, click your heels and say it. If you tell yourself you do not have the money to spend you most likely will adjust your habits to match this. Get paid, take out your two week budget…put away the rest and forget it exists.
  3. If you find yourself wanting to buy something – wait 3 days. Either you’ll come to realize you don’t need it in your life, you forget it exists, or it will sell out….a sign from the universe it was a fleeting urge.
  4. EBATES! So imagine shopping just as you do now but getting cash back? no need for a credit card, no hidden string, just shop and earn money back. From Sephora to Walmart to Nike. Sign up with my referral link 🙂
  5. Get the MINT app yo. Honestly, making a budget is half the battle. An app like Mint will make it easier to follow through. Its a FREE app that will monitor not only your savings but your checking and credit cards. It’ll pool several accounts and see it all laid out together. It lets you input your personal goals and keeps up with them. Basically it’ll let you know when you’re wilding and how much you have left for the different categories you set up.
  6. Meal prepping is your friend. Try to limit eating out. If you’re not the best cook in the world, it’s totally okay! There are plenty of caterers who have super eco-friendly meal plans they can also tailor to your taste buds or you can stay tuned for my simple yummy quick DIY meals.
  7. Ladies….nails/hair/lashes/etc try to learn how to do one or more of these yourself. It will not only cause you to tap into your creativity but will significantly save you some schmoney every month. Our hot girl summer doesn’t also have to be a broke girl summer.

Those are my fav tips to start 🙂 Happy money conquering!

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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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