To shave, wax, laser, or leave it be?

Kitty. Cunt. Vagina. Pussy. The reason why all life exists. Whatever you call her, there’s one question I think all us girls wonder……should we leave her be, shave, wax, or laser?

I, through my laziness really, was a big believer in leaving her be. Now? Not so much. I feel icky thinking of how sweat can get caught in the follicles.

When I would shave my Lola I always got razor bumps, knicked my skin, or got frustrated at the act. Luckily after awhile I learned a couple tips and tricks on making this easier.

  • Get comfy. I’ve learned it goes best when I’m not contorted while I do this. Sit on the edge of your tub or something.
  • PREP. Make sure you got all the tools you want to use. Lather your sweet in some conditioner or shaving cream. Whatever floats your boat though I recommend conditioner to really soften the follicles thus leading to a smoother, closer shave.
  • Get the right razor. LOLOLOL I used to get the big ass multipack that cost like 3 bucks. Please don’t be like old me. I also recommend using two different razors. One for her and one for just about everything else. The one for her? It should preferably only have two blades max to avoid irritation
  • Nowww do the damn thing! Not too aggressively and in 2 quick strokes a patch. Any more and irritation is sure to follow.
  • EXFOLIATE. Yes, there too! Exfoliating not only removes dead skin but also prevents those dreaded ingrown hairs.


For the longest, I swore by this. I liked the sting and testing out my pain tolerance. Once the lady got going, I would actually enjoy it. It was quick. Easy. No ingrown hairs. No irritation.

The problem is Ignorance is bliss. Once I found out the cons,  I just could not do it anymore. Waxing can only be done in the direction OPPOSITE of natural hair growth. It damages the tissue cells. Skin may burn if the wax person heats it up too much. It also contains Resin which adheres to your live skin cells. So no thanks.

I then heard about Sugar waxing. All the same pros, none of the cons. Bless them cause I can’t remember the name of the place BUT I tried the damn thing at a studio in Dupont Circle awhile back. The whole experience was trash tbh. I think it’s slightly better than wax technically but you can’t drag me back due to how annoyed that whole encounter made me.

At this point curiosity got the best of me and I tried laser. IT IS A SPLURGE. Do not flat out just get a package. Hop that ass on Groupon. They have plenty of great deals that make the whole thing worth it. I got a 3 session package deal for da lowwwwwww. & on I went.

The first session blew me low-key. It was my fault tho. I didn’t realize you technically have to shave before they do it. Sooooo I’m butttttass nekked in a birthing position when homegirl came in, she looked at my Chewbacca and said nah. Ran to 7/11 real quick and there I was in the bathroom a trimming. At this point I’m a little nervous but it was great. 5 minutes top and a pretty cool experience. I will tell you, they will do your ass…..IT WILL HURT. Like think getting your ass threaded type of hurt. Well worth it tho. 

Second and third session went great and smooth…literally haha. 

After that tbh, I did not feel like paying for 3 more 

  • 6 sessions is what it woulda taken for Lola to be baldheaded foreverrrrrr. 

The hair doesn’t grow back like it used to. So I just give her a quick swipe with my razor from time to time 🙂

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