Go beyond building a summer body and build a lifestyle. Health is wealth and working out is a small way to reach your physical goals. We are inundated with images of banging bodies. In movies, tv, social media and more….why not be the banging goal you idolize? You certainly can.

In a world where plastic bodies are glorified, I urge you to go against the grain and achieve your body goals the old fashioned way. Your body will certainly thank you for it. There are so many pros and zero cons to getting yourself fit. I get it though……IT. IS. HARD.

You go buy a cute little workout outfit, take a couple selfies, sign up for a gym membership, run on the treadmill for 5 mins but yet don’t see results. The old fake fit me would have broke a sweat just writing that. The new me only has 3 words for you: GET. A. TRAINER.

getting a trainer is beneficial in that you’ll have a support system for those initial hard first days. Remember, it takes 21 days to build a habit. A trainer will be there day 2 and beyond to make sure you don’t give up on yourself.

They’ll teach you good form so you don’t hurt yourself and help you ease into a workout routine that’s tailored to the goals you want to reach as quickly as possible or even help you figure out just what those goals are.

Luckily, the universe graced me into one. I met Bernis sometime a year ago through a close friend of mine. She was holding a cute lil booty workout session one night and I had nothing better to do. Who would have known that little class would have opened my eyes to just how strong my body could become.

If you’re serious about getting your body right and connected to your mind I recommend Bernis & Kaycee.

Bernis is located in Alexandria Va and can be booked at www.wakeupfitness.net or her IG @wakeupfitnessllc

She offers a free 30 min consultation where she takes the time to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are. From there she offers everything from sporadic drop in to a strictly monthly plan. She’s been serious about her fitness since 2014 and started training clients two years ago. Her “aha’ moment came after aiding a friend’s mother lose 40lbs & get off of blood pressure medication. Once she caused that impact she knew she had to plunge into the field head first. She offers everything from one on one training to group sessions (bring your bestie) for ladies all over the DMV. Her training comes with a meal plan tailored to your specific dietary needs and 24/7 support.

CakesbyKace is something you might have heard before.

Kayce is located in PG county, Maryland and can be booked at kaycekinetics@yahoo.com or IG @kacesters

She offers a customized meal plan, individual training for women and men, weekend bootcamps and group trainings.

I know there are other trainers out there but oddly enough I’ve noticed they have their drama and not all trainers are certified or as passionate. I can only speak on Kayce and Bernis cause I know they’ll give you real results in real time.

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