Being as though this section is called Passionate People, I not only wanted to create a directory of creatives doing the damn thang but I def wanted to highlight those who I honestly am inspired of.

The first DMV creative that ever really made me say “wow sis, I see you” is Alicia Reedy.

Some years ago, wide eyed and lost I found myself in Tyson’s Corner mall for the first time. As luck would have it I ran into Alicia. I don’t remember much of that interaction( sorry my brain be 24 going on 94) except it ended with us exchanging social media handles.

& I’ve followed her. I’ve admired her. I feel like I celebrated her wins with her.

Anyways, Alicia Reedy is a boss babe. A Ceo. A Mom. A PG native.

She’s a holistic skin care specialist. You can book her for everything from a facial to anti-aging treatment to even a consultation for all your skin needs at much more reasonable price with way more love & care.

When asked why she pursed skin care she explained that with a makeup artist background she’s always loved enhancing what’s God’s given, but theres no point in slathering all the latest makeup if what’s underneath isn’t thriving. She aims to make you feel good in the skin you’re in, sharing her knowledge and giving you the tools to let your face glow harder than the sun 🙂 She created GoNaked to make you comfortable with your face, with or without makeup. It’s her baby and you’ll be hearing way more about it. Shhhhhhhh she’s been working on making sure she gives you her best.

When she’s not slaying faces, she’s helping people stuff them with her treats.

Miss A is also a bomb baker. She currently specializes in cookies and whoopee pies that’ll make you wonder what you have been missing out on. Try her chocolate sea salt Carmel cookie and you will be hooked. If it’s not convient for you to pull up, no worries

This boss babe delivers!

In more ways than one.

Check her out on IG: @the_monalicia


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