Sunday & Chi Chi

Well, Alex & Franics

Aka, my fav uncles.

& my role models.

I don’t call anyone dad. My biological sperm donor was elusive and absent. My “step father” for like ten years of my life is a twat. Textbook says I should have grown up with daddy issues. In walks Chi Chi and Sunday.

From as long ago as I can remember they both have filling in the checkbox marked ROLE MODEL. Day in and out. I remember being teeny tiny and my uncle Francis taught me how to throw a football and the rules of the game. My uncle Sunday giving me random oddball jobs to do to earn some after school snack money. My first job? S/o my uncle. Another job when the first one wasn’t cutting it? S/o my other uncle.

Sunday’s nickname is literally cause I think he was born on a Sunday. He’s always been the big brother I never had. The confidant I’ve always needed. Keeps me on my toes. Anytime I have a bad day I find myself texting him and sure enough he’s held me down.

Chi Chi cause my little sister couldn’t say Francis and somehow chi chi is what came out. 15 years later and he’s forever Uncle Chi Chi to me. He actually puts the fear of God in my soul. No like once upon a time he was dropping me off at my dorm and a platonic friend was napping in my bed. OHHHMMYGAWDDDDDDdddasdfghjkl that’s probably the first time I ever felt like melting into the ground. Mainly cause ya girl was innocent. Seriously tho, with Chi Chi I found God. He’s always been down to drag me to church, even when I wouldn’t want to go.

& he was cray to let my crazy ass drive his car lollollololololol.

They’ve always been there every milestone. Every fuckup. Every triumph. If not for them idk who I’d be right now. Thank you for every sports game. For every piece of advice. Every morsel of time. All the rides. All the memories. All the encouragement. For being there every-time I’ve woken up from surgery.

This post didn’t have an agenda. I just get overwhelmed when I think of how much God loved me to have given me two amazing ass people as role models.

This blog is me and my uncles are a big piece of me.

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