My skincare routine

Before we get into my skincare routine, I must meekly confess how I used to mistreat my face. Ugh, I used to be gross and half ass wash my face. I’m talking splashing water on it and going. I used to sleep with makeup on. I used to utilize products that I just kinda saw everyone else using or what was forefront in the store displays.

I randomly was mislead to think Tarte was going to cure my face so I sent my man on a wild goose chase for their oil or moisturizer( yeah he was shook too) and was appalled when it didn’t help nothing.

I also tried Dermalogica. asdfghjklOhhhmmyygawd, hundreds down the toilet. It was actually was too harsh for me. So I basically spent hella bands to irritate my skin.

Overall – I have dry skin and I used to sprinkle in dehydrated too.

Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry is built around a vicious circle: buy products to strip your face of oil, then buy products to slather the oil back on. Repeat endlessly. Oh & glitter packaging.
Luckily, I found a way to navigate through the bs. and found a simple routine that truly has me glowing.

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One thought on “My skincare routine

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