My babies.

…..if you’ve gotten to this point then you can tell by now that this site is my baby. But before this came Misty & Allie.

My prides & joys. They were born on March 1st, couple weeks later I became their mom.

I was randomly oogling at pictures of kittens and something about them made me feel like I HAD to have one. Mind you, I’d stared at pets forever. I’ve never had one, if you don’t count fish. I just enjoyed looking and never thought I’d be capable of managing a pet. Cause….litter. ew. Nuff said.

Anyways, I rescued my barely weaned babies and the rest is history. They came in puking, diarrhea and all. I honestly ain’t think they’d make it. But soon enough I read ALL I could on kittens and nursed them. I’m pretty sure they think I’m really their mom. There’s just a look in their eyes that tells me so.

Misty is grey and a handful. My gawd she’s always running around and trying to get into every possible crevice. She never gets tired and is super shenanigy.

Allie is ugh, my fav.

She knows it. Misty knows it. But it’s all good.

I can credit a lot of my mental and emotional progress to her. On my worst days, she’s just laid on me and chilled. Any time I’ve had a panic or anxiety attack in walks Allie ready to just chill.

I wish I spoke cat. I wish I knew what ran through their minds. I’m sure Misty thinks of bugs to chase all day and the outside. Allie probably thinks of foooood, my baby a foodie.

It’s funny, I thought I’d just get a cat and it’d be there to just pet from time to time. But honestly I miss them every time I walk out the door. I understand which of the two like chicken and which like turkey, tuna, etc. Somehow I’ve turned full blown cat momma.

If you’re considering getting a pet – get a cat 🙂

You won’t regret it 😥

& please don’t buy, instead adopt.

Meow out 🤘🏽

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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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