Cater to youuuuu

& this ladies and gentlemen, is the Beyoncé’s of cooking.

The nourishment you put in your body is probably the biggest act of self care there is. So why not eat food made with love?

Why eat food the could possibly be spit in? That costs a arm and a leg? & is just alright?

Yeah….I don’t have the answers either. If you’re not big or that good of a cook. Have no fear, my fav chefs are here. Meal prepping has all the pros and no cons.

By having your meals set out in advance you are being intent full – think self care but yummy

  • restaurant and carry out food is usually much higher in calories and fat. Meal prep on the other hand can be tailored to target your intake.
  • You can balance your intake and get the right mix of veggies, protein, grains etc because you’re not scraping together your meals last minute.
  • You’ll save time from waiting for food to be made or figuring out/cooking everyday.
  • Save hella $$$$$

With that being said,

Zaiya aka the boss babe behind SlimRich Eatery. I didn’t even know caterers around the dmv existed until her. She has very reasonable prices, really detailed in follow through to make sure she gets your mouth to explode with flavor and a beautiful person inside and out. You can find her @slimricheatery aside from meal prep, she offers event catering, private dinners and one on one classes.

Then there is Chef Jeffery McDonald aka Chefe Jefé aka @Just_Jeff_

He caters to any special occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, or simply to impress your guests. Sit back and relax while your guests enjoy a five course dining experience from this male who is proving men belong in the kitchen too! He strives to bring you a 5star restaurant experience at a reasonable cost.

Other caterers

@Kissthech3f Washington DC

@theuncagedchefs Washington DC

@blackpeppa_ Washington DC

@feastkingz_tone Fort Washington MD

@arikespot New Carrollton MD

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