Lion king

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries.

The phrase we all grew up knowing, loving and keeping dear to our hearts. Me especially since the language is my own native tongue. More on that later.

The movie was good. Like not bleh but more meh. It felt like having been introduced to crab legs plain after being introduced to them dripping in sultry butter. Feel me? It was good but I KNEW in my soul it was missing something. The kids in the theatre tho were none the wiser and verbally expressed their enjoyment the whole time. So in that regard, good job Disney on putting them on to a classic story. My expectation was Lion King, just CGI.

What I got was, CGI – dash of lion king. Lowercase on purpose.

Mshenzi( which actually means shady in Swahili) is much more sinister and developed in the remake. Butttttt Banzai & Ed are switched out for some goodballs. Zazu isn’t captured 😦 he doesn’t get to sing his song. The Rafiki(which means friend in Swahili) and Simba( means lion) moment about learning from our past isn’t there 😦 Mufasa looked starving. Skin all hanging off the bones 😦

… least Nala has a bigger role in the story. Whew, #girlpower.

Overall I feel as though the CGI component translated to forsaking facial expressions and much of the emotion that made the OG so much better.

S/O to James Earl Jones, at 88, doing the damn thing!!!!! Okurtrrr. Yes OG.

ANYWAYS, 6.5/10. Beyoncé sweetie I’m so sorry that I didn’t enjoy this movie as much as I wanted to for you.

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