Once upon a time….in Hollywood

I’ve never found Brad Pitt to be endearing. Talented? Sure. Handsome? Sure. Endearing? Nahh not the man who made us pit Angelina & Jennifer against each other as a social phenomenon.

But hey, the dude really did a hell of a job being endearing in Tarentino’s latest.

Actually, overall all the acting was phenomenal. I felt transported back to 1969. Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Luke perry(RIP), Rumer Willis, Uma Thurman’s daughter, Dakota Fanning, and Al Pacino to start….Tarantino called them all and they SHOWED up.

The cinematography was amazing! My eyes were pleased soo much I almost forgot the plot didn’t really pick up til the last 30 mins. Speaking of, this movie is essentially about Rick Dalton(DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth(Pitt) who are a actor & stunt double duo trying to figure out their 2 peas in a pod dynamic. Oh, throw in Sharon Tate- yes that Sharon Tate. If you aren’t familiar then please climb from under your rock and look up the Manson Murders.

The script is cringeeeee, Tate barely talks, it’s a mans world….to be fair tho that also was exactly how 1969 was so I can’t be too annoyed at Tarentino.

Anyways 8.75/10. Cinematography & acting chops really made up for the plot.

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