so, this movie is wild. It’s a wild movie on crack.

Trigger warning: if you deal with any sort of mental health issue, make sure you’re in a great space before you attempt to see it.

I wasn’t aware before walking in so I was a bit triggered.

Alas, let’s dive in. Director and writer Ari Astern is the same genius behind Hereditary so I knew to expect darkness. Somehow he gave me a dark movie that was disguised cause it looked super bright. He lived up to his hype. I’ll try my best to sum this up without giving away too much cause I actually recommend you see this. You. YES YOU.

So basically this movie is about a girl who’s going through some fucked up family shit while dealing with trying to keep her dickhead boyfriend. He hates her tho. He knows it. She knows it. Somehow though, he invites her on his bromance trip to a buddy’s village overseas. Lots of shroom. Poorly developed characters, burning alive, beautiful visuals, subpar conflict, male rape, grave pissing, assisted suicide and it is one big mindf**ck.

*clears throat*

I will say though, kudos to him for tapping into EXACTLY what an anxiety attack feels like. Ugh I held my breath all movie. My heart went out to our protagonist. I felt queasy. I felt nauseas. I’d never see it again but I’m so glad I saw it at all. It was an experience.

Ughhhh I felt so much for Dani. Every time she struggled to hold back her vomit. Every time she struggled to hold back her tears. Every time she struggled to hold back her true thought. I hope award season doesn’t hold back on this woman’s accolades.

I wish they didn’t demonize bipolar disorder tho :((( it was such a cheap cop out to set up the plot 😦

Wtf/10. My emotional side loved it. The scariest things happen in broad daylight sometimes.

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