A++ for Booksmart

So I had a great day. Super mellow, super productive, and chill. Surprisingly the cherry on top was the new movie Book smart. Olivia Wilde is that girlllllllllll. Her directorial debut is everything and more. It follows two super studious and quirky graduating high school girls. Oh, one of them, know-it-all, Molly is funny man Jonah Hill’s little sister. Home girl is funnier than him. I promise.

Anyways, the movie is about our feministic dynamic duo realizing that they didn’t have to sacrifice their social life for academic success. Sounds like an obvious lesson, but looking back it is one I also did not learn while it was relevant. Maybe thats why I skipped like every class senior year. My favorite part about this movie is that it is so refreshing. Our dynamic duo does not consist of your typical leading ladies. The gay best friend character trope is well executed, developed and that’s not all one can say about her.

Who is her? You’ll see once you go check out the movie. I’d say it’s up there with Mean Girls on funny and relatable.

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