The section of Sex Ed all schools skipped

The first time I learned about sex was in 7th grade. Mr.Lane. He was a youngish dude who used to play basketball. Honestly all I remember was seeing a clip of him busting his head open multiple times that year. Who cares though? Sex was the last thing on my mind

After that was high school. Mr.G. Whew Chile. That year was 75% watching old classic movies. Like literally all the Denzel Washington films, ever. I became a fan by proxy basically. Then it was him telling stories of when he was a lil jokester running around back in the day. Then a chapter on stds. That was it. Boom.

Because I’m African, I never got “The Talk,” you know what talk I’m talking about. Doesn’t happen. A myth. People making out on tv and my mom would tell me to close my eyes. A whole 16 year old. I’d indulge in this silliness but browsed teaching myself.

Now I’m sure there are plenty schools that did their jobs and actually taught sex Ed. Yet it seems they all unanimously missed the mark on a couple things.

DO NOT USE SUMMERS EVE. I’ve known friends to use this. And it angers me every time I think of it. For one, it pushes this underlying idea that vaginas are dirty and need to be cleaned. Let me tell you something….your Yoni is the only part of your body that works double time to clean itself. Not only thought, but summers eve honestly can only cause problems. It contains Octoxynol-9. Octowutttt? exactly, we’ll it’s a spermicide. And because the products aren’t marketed as a contraceptive the company doesn’t warn you that they can cause issues with your fertility. It has been scientifically proven that using Summer’s Eve can cause infections down there, fertility issues, anddddd even cancer. So how about we not ladies.

Don’t be ashamed of the tingle and get in touch with exploring what makes YOU feel good. Quick story time, when I was a teen my mom caught me masturbating *gasps* Somehow this turned into a mini witch hunt where she threatened to go up to the school and tell the whole class I was gross. Oh, and I had to sleep in pants til I was like 18. Mannnnnn that’s why I be pantless any chance I get at home now. But, the real moral of the story is it made me ashamed of my body, the way it tingled and exploring. Luckily I’m now well past that. But don’t be shy, explore and vocalize what you like and don’t like on the path to pure euphoria.

Plan B only works in the first 72hours & doesn’t work if you weigh in over 160 pounds buttt Ella works up to 5 days on women of any weight. Don’t make this your go to every time tho, just get on birth control sis. Though, birth control doesn’t work if you’re on antibiotics.

Last but not least, sex is supposed to be enjoyable. For both parties. There are 8 billion people in the world – if you aren’t enjoying or satisfied with your frisky time, have a conversation. Nothing changes? Ahhhh 7,999,999,999 people left. I’m sure there’ll be someone to pleaseeee you.

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