Kanse Kaba.

Remember the name. This girl is building her empire from the ground up.


A bit ago she dealt with a bout of anxiety, ptsd, and deep depression. She did not allow it to box her in. She used her angst to perfect her craft and launch a fully operational business. She is a licensed, insured contractor. JusssSoul, what does that even mean? That means you book a consultation, she comes out to check out your space, and elevates it. Elevate? Yes she does everything from:

  • TV Mounting
  • TV Led Light installations
  • Chandeliers & other light fixture installations
  • Furniture assembly
  • Laminate/Wood/Tile Flooring installations
  • Electric Fireplace Mounting
  • Home Renovations/Remodeling
  • Painting
  • Moving & Organaziation
  • General Handyman services
  • Interior & Exterior designing….

….And anything else you can think of.

I was able to catch up to her and off the bat I could hear nothing but passion in her voice. She explained to me it’s bigger than just fixing up someone’s space. She enjoys pulling up on you and executing a sanctuary that reflects your innermost desires. She went on to explain how solid her support system is. Her family got her. God got her. Thus, she cannot fail. What is for her, she shall receive. She is not afraid to go after what is hers in life and intends on bringing everyone on her team with her.

Having seen just how liberating her own business has been. She now is focused on assisting those in the community to do the same. YES, that means even you! Why not learn a new skill that nobody can ever take from you ? Why not be your own boss? Why not make your schedule? Well, she wants to put you in a position to do just that. Having passed her contractor test on the first try, she just launched a program to assist others do the same in as little as 30 days. The program will take an investment of 4 days and $1000 (that can be broken up into a payment plan) on your part.

Don’t just take my word for it, her work speaks for itself.

Hit her line at kabanator.com

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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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