Ya fav Jeweler

& if he isn’t yet, he should be.

@Marithegod – owner

In 2012, he launched his first business – @prestigerepublic

In 2018 he launched @districtdiamonds

He’s always been artistic and a hustler. While on the go, he loves to dress in a timeless manner and not much of an accessories man. Except for jewelry. Diamonds aren’t only a girl’s best friend. Sometimes they are a guy’s as well. When he was unable to find exactly what he wanted the business minded side of him came full speed. Why not get it done himself? Better yet, why not help other get the exactly jewelry to match them.

Boom. Ya fav jeweler came to fruition. Between balancing a family life, working, loving his best life – he is still more than ready with open arms to make your bejeweled dreams come true.

Hit him on his IG or at DistrictDiamonds.co Just please make sure you have a budget in mind. That way it’ll be easier for him to cut down on the back and forth and get you chained, grilled, etc sooner than later 🙂

I would like to add I got a grill piece from him. He was accommodating of the fact I don’t drive and came out to meet me. Very easy to speak with and clear with the process. I loved the piece soooo much I got another one. One of my tooth was a bit janky and he adjusted the piece no problemo. Very quick, very professional.

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