When your heart is heavy


I pray for you.

I pray for me.

I pray we never have to experience a mass shooting.

I pray for all those who have.

I pray for our climate

I pray for every child who can’t simply play outside because they’re kidnapping kids at alarming rates. They’re murdering kids. They’re shooting kids.

I pray for Sandy Hook. Still. When that happened and the world simply moved on, I knew. I knew resolution wouldn’t come quick. When people made a sensation out of it and called it a hoax, my heart hurt. So I pray.

I pray for the intolerant. Why is it 2019 and there’s so much division? I understand not yet having flying cars…but I don’t understand why something as simple as skin hue still divides us? United Divided we stand, but United we’ll fall.

I pray no one ever has to hear all noise I heard in my head lately. Empathy is my favorite trait. Empathy is my hardest trait to swallow. I’ve felt a little lagged. Tired. Weary.

Nothing on the news but the blues. I used to pray I stopped tearing up at all the bullshit that happens. But now, I pray I never do. I love feeling. I wish we all felt more. Understood more. Put ourselves in other people’s shoes more.

I pray children no longer have to fear they’ll come home to their patents gone. Locked up in cages cause they wanted a better life somewhere better. I pray mothers no longer have to fear their sons won’t come home because their bodies are riddled with bullets on a coroners slab.

I pray for everyone locked up watching the cannabis industry boom. Capitalizing while they are punished for trying to have found a means to an end.

I pray we find solutions. I pray all those who are lost get found. I pray people understand that all who wander aren’t lost. I pray you see I may not look like you or sound like you or think like you, but I bleed like you.

I pray for you.

I pray for me.

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The Amazing Luluu. Khaleesi of Kittens & Lifestyle Blogger.

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