Picture this!

Pre- butterfly days. When I was just a young, dumb caterpillar I had the pleasure of meeting Matt & Edwin. I honestly can’t tell you whether it was middle or high school but somewhere along the way we all ran in the same clique and pulled moves together. It’s here where I got sneak peeks of their creativity.

Fast forward, it’s fall 2013 and I’m pseudo modeling to help Matt with his photography class project. Yes, he’s formally trained for this. #hedoesthisokkurrr.


Super forward and it’s 2019. Matt is one of my favorite photographers. He has a keen eye for lines, scenery and people. I caught up to him and he explained that this is literally his passion, other than family. He doesn’t just take a picture of a person, he tries to capture them. If you’re in front of his camera he aims to capture who you are, your essence. He explains how people are special to him and he hopes to illustrate that with his art.

*catches breathe*

Hit his line @yargwehttam

Now, the below pictures were taken by Edwin. I love how my fav photographers are friends and coexist in the same space. I remember early on always always seeing Edwin with a camera in his hand. He’s a photographer and creative director who breathes creativity. I recently shot with him this past spring and mannnnnnn he somehow takes into account every little detail. He knew exactly when the sun was setting, how the lines would lay and just had this gut feeling about the whole thing that floored me.

Hit his line @mindofedwin

if you’ve met or had the pleasure of shooting with either Matt or Edwin, you can feel the passion. It’s raw emotion behind the camera and in person. It’s always more than just a picture with both

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