It’s Sunday. Well, Sunday night.

I somehow spent most of the weekend vibing. Honestly, I had so much planned and so many things I wanted to do. Gradually, it shifted.

So I vibed. I listened to my body. I made a tableeeeeeeeeee.

I’m so pressed lol. I planned on writing and really catching up on posts this weekend but damn y’all I felt so inspired about a table.

I haven’t created anything in over a week.

Anyways, about a week ago I felt myself stumble back a little. Doubted and didn’t believe in myself in sustaining the healthy lifestyle I’ve been setting up. Now I realize this is the hard part. Crunch time.

Discipline doesn’t come easy but the fruits of it’s labor are the sweetest.

I watched my favorite Ted Talk, multiple times, this week. I just think it’s brilliant how he set it up and does a great job verbalizing the panic monster that pops up every now and then.

LOL – mine showed up telling me I was going to lose the woman I wanted to fully evolve in if I didn’t tighten up the reins. Sooooo with that being said I’m going hold myself much more accountable this upcoming week. The ‘dark playground’ feeling we get when we know we should be doing something more productive or meaningful will not see my face.

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