Shows to Stream….like. now!

Sometimes you just want give your mind a break.

One of my fav ways to do so is kickback & watch something spicy.

JusssSoul, wtf does that even mean.

Spicy when used on here basically means exciting, not typical or mundane. I personally am a sucker for action 🙂 so keep that in mind.


  • The Good Place – My favorite show. Like wow. 10/10. If you don’t like it, it’s cause you’re dumb. I’ve rewatched it like 3 times all the way through now. It’s so funny. Just check it out, you won’t regret it. The Good Place is a fantasy comedy series about Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, who wakes up in the afterlife & finds out she is in “The Good Place,” a heavenly utopia. Then shenanigans ensue. “(NETFLIX)
  • Breaking Bad – Greatest show ever (Netflix)
  • Dexter – Okay, so I know it’s been out since forever but Michael C. Hall makes me root for him even tho he a whole serial killer 😦 (NETFLIX)
  • Ozark – Jason Bateman( I mean how can you not love this guy?) plays Marty, a passive finincial planner who gets sucked into a dark world and has to relocate to the Ozarks. Drugs. Action. Killing. But there’s an actual plot. Think a la Breaking Bad- esque. (NETFLIX)
  • Euphoria – A very raw show that follows recovering drug addict Rue, brilliantly played by Zendaya, trying to navigate through high school, love, family, and trauma. whew. This show really does confront hard topic straight on. But it never feels gimmicky or like they’re trying to traumatize you like 13reasons why. (HBO)
  • Barry – Lol think Dexter but awkward-er. NOHO Hank is like my fav character ever. I am emotionally attached to Barry and I want the best for him. Whoops. This show is about a hitman who on a whim realizes he wants to become an actor.(HBO)
  • Money Heist – It’s sooooo intense. The character development is PHENOMENAL. It’s shot real nice. A gang of 8 rob the Mint of Spain. The plot is lit you just low-key gotta curve the dubbing/shady lip movements.(NETFLIX)
  • The Boys – So imagine if we had real life superheros. That’s what this show does.They’re assholes and super arrogant. They are also in for it as the boys try to take them down. It’s a nice dark comedy. Great Cast. Dennis Quaid’s son Jack is absolutely adorable. (AMAZON.)
  • A Black Lady Sketch show – The title is exactly what you are in for. A series of skits written by and starring black women. lolololol it’s outlandish af. It’s insanely hilarious (HBO)
  • Big mouth – It’s what family guy sounded like to me before I actually tried to watch it. I usually don’t like animated shows but this is one of my fav to start up, mindlessly snack, and just get a nice hearty laugh. (NETFLIX)
  • BoJack Horseman – I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this since last year but it’s an animated funny series that really touches light on the dark sides of adulthood such as depression and loneliness. Whoa, sounds heavy but it’s actually good at not seemingly so. It’s also pretty deep for a cartoon. I also love Will Arnett & Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul’s voice, so there’s that. (NETFLIX)
  • Black mirror – A dark take on the dangers of technology. A dark take on society. An anthology so feel free to watch them out of order, which I like. They’re isolated stories (some episodes have Easter eggs alluding to other episodes) It’s scary but I can tell the writers really have fun writing the episodes
  • Sneaky Pete – Bryan Cranston. Yes. that Bryan Cranston. Breaking Bad really made me appreciate this man’s skills. He’s one of the creators and plays the main villain. Basically the show is about a con man who’s brother is being held hostage. Great cast.
  • Mr.Robot -Ughhhhh. I love Rami Malek. SO yeah, this is a must for this list. He plays a suupppperrrr smart hacker who’s got depression & social anxiety…oh and he just got recruited to erase everyone’s debt from the shady big companies he just happnes to work for. A real mind fuck at times.
  • Ray Donovan – Soooo he’s like Olivia Pope but uses his fists usually to solve problems. Jon Voight plays Ray’s dad. Great cast. Never a dull moment. (ShowTime)
  • Fleabag – This show is actually phenomenal. Sits at a pretty 100% on rotten tomatoes. It follows our title character through the streets of London trying to heal while pushing away anyone who wants to help. Brilliant as fuck script. Like wow. You’ll feel like you know all the characters in real life and truly understand them.
  • Atlanta- Created and starring Donald Glover. Amazing writing. Amazing cast. Essentially about a pair of cousins trying to live their best lives. (Hulu)

Honorable mentions

  • Chernobyl
  • Sense8
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • Russian doll
  • I think you should leave
  • Master of None
  • Black Monday
  • killing Eve
  • Silicon Valley
  • Dear White people
  • Handmaids tale

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