Made in America

Ahhhhhhhh. My feet hurt. On my way back home and can’t help but feel the tingle of exhaustion in them. I stink. Of other people’s sweat tbh. My white tee from yesterday is beige and my black tee is faded gray now.


I’m not gonna lie, music festivals are like my absolute fav. I’ve takeN a bit of a break from them and concerts lately but mannnnnnn I missed it. I love music. I love seeing the mix of people that exist at these things. I love the rush. I love music. I love the concept of just doing whatever you want all day. I love music. I love the rush of maneuvering from the back of huge crowds to being front row. I love moshing. I love seeing my favorite artists in the flesh. I love me a thought out performance. Oh, and I fucking love music.

Listening to music really takes me to a subdivision of my brain that’s so cozy. I have a song for every mood, every vibe. I honestly don’t think I could go through a day without listening to music. I make up little music videos in my head while I listen. I try to understand what emotions cause someone to create the music they do. I escape into music. I do karaoke and pretend I’m Beyoncé sometimes. Allllthat. So yeah, makes total sense I love music events.

This was my second time at Made In America. My first time at MIA was 2016 when Rihanna and Coldplay headlined. What a time. What a year. I missed the last two years but something changed this year. Megan Thee Stallion. Once they announced the lineup and saw her name I knew I needed to go. I LOVE her.

Plus Travis Scott, Cardi B, Lizzo, Lil Uzi Vert, James Blake, Hippie Sabotage, Rosalía, Juice Wrld, Anderson Paak, Bazzi and moreeeeee. Seriously my finger started cramping up mid list so yeah, more.

Day 1 🙂 honestly the highlight of the night was Cardi B!

Front row babyyyy

Honestly, her performance made me a fan. I’ve listened to her music and liked her buttt never LOVED her. Say what you may about her as a person, but homegirl puts on a SHOW. I’m proud of her and thoroughly enjoyed her set.

Not too many female artists would come out kick off their heels and just start going innnn!

There were a bajillion and one people there. But that’s to be expected. Port o potties are a big no from me, so I held my pee for a couple hours. But that’s to be expected too.


which turned into late girl Meg. My good sis was 35 mins late 😟 which actually is very very wild to me. Especially because Cardi B was right on time the night before.

Honestly, my annoyance melted away. I love Meg. Obviously I don’t know her but I love how she’s so unapologetically herself. I love that she’s is always reiterating that woman are multifaceted. Yes she’s a rapper. A female rapper but she doesn’t need a male co-sign. Which I love. She recently organized a beach cleanup with her fans. She interacts Day in and out with her fans. She could have decided to drop out once she started blowing up. Yet between making music and performing, she is tweeting about the semester starting and studying. She recently lost her mother and didn’t let it slow her down. She’s very well spoken and honestly I want to see her win.

I can’t wait to look back in a couple years on this post at being able to see her front row as well.

Also, what other artist you know invitin fans onstage for a lil twerk contest ? Poor girl in the black ain’t know what she got herself into…this was round 1 of 4!

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