Where’d you go Bernadette

So I usually see movies in three’s then write my reviews. Where’d You Go Bernadette was my third and then boom I couldn’t write my reviews. This movie had me so torn. I shit you not I saw this joint almost two weeks ago(along with good boys & scary stories) and just been blinking into oblivion!

Why? Because I LOVED what I Know they were trying to do and portray. Unfortunately the execution was sus. I walked out and proclaimed it was my fav of the 3. Jay side-eyed tf out of me. Lmfaooooo anyways the more it settled in me, the more I was like ohhhhh. So a bish was torn. I’m still torn 😦 someone please remake this, but execute it better.

Let’s dive in.

*deeeeeeep breathe*

The movie is about an architectural genius named Bernadette Fox(Cate Blanchett). She won a bajillion awards in her youth, is married to a technological genius, think Steve Jobs, Elgie (very fine Billy Crudup), and has an adorable teenage daughter named Balakrishna (Emma Nelson) who they call Bee for short. She spends her days leaving messages to her personal assistant named Manjula – because she’s in India so she just gets an abundance of amazon packages delivered to their house.

Me: “OMGGGGG baby, I wonder how much it’d cost to get a manjula”

Now, this only makes sense because me and Bernadette have something big in common. We have a dark passenger. She’s an insomniac with intense levels of anxiety. She’s also misunderstood af. So I felt for her. I rooted for her. I understood her.

She’s passionate about her family and loves them dearly. Bee is cashing in on a promise her parents made her years ago, a trip to Antarctica. Look. You forcing someone with anxiety through the roof on a trip ? lol over our dead bodies. But she loves her family. So she promises herself she’ll go, to please them.

She spends the movie freaking out, spiraling and unraveling. Dealing with neighborhood moms, lead by dramatic ass Audrey (Kristen Wiig) who assume Bernadette is a bitch because she’s a recluse. Not realizing she’s a recluse because the other alternative would make her brain feel lit on fire. It’s not a scary story but it did scare me. Bernadette was fading into her mind and everyone around her just kept moving on. Assuming the worst of her. Not realizing she couldn’t help it. As fine as Elgie was, I wanted to reach through the screen and pluck that man in the forehead.

Twists and turns happen. Suddenly Bernadette has escape. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I’m very glad she gets the happy ending she deserves.

I loved this movie because I understood Bernadette. I understood how she thought she was coping. How she found Manjula to help her fulfill her duties. Why she refuses to need medication. Why she avoids the overly bubbly people in her neighborhood. How she ends up wanting a sedative for her plane ride. Why she overworried. How she ends up overthinking. I understood why she was misunderstood. As an audience member you spend the whole time unsure of whether homegirl is about to have a breakthrough or massive breakdown.

She “has it all” yet she’s not whole. How dare she right? I wish the directors/screenplay/writers/whoeverrrr the fuck put more effort into the film. The lesson here is the balance of our passions and our responsibilities. What is your true calling? But what about the things you’re asked by society to do? What’s our purpose? What do we sacrifice? What don’t we sacrifice without disappointing those around us? Too bad those involved sacrificed much of the story. I still give it 8/10 🙂

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