IT: Chapter 2

I want to preface this by saying that I really enjoy watching Barry, the TV show. It stars Bill Hader and though this filmography is laden with an abundance of good shows/movies, he’s still a new cat in the game to me.

Bill Hader CARRIEDDDD IT Chapter Two on his back. The movie is 2hours and 50 minutes. That’s a LONG time for a scary movie. It is based on a LONG book tho. Luckily, Bill Hader makes every second he’s on screen fly by. That’s part of the film’s problem though. For 75% of it, it feels like I went to see a comedy starring Bill Hader. Not a scary movie. Mind you this film also stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Skarsgård, James Ransone (Dude from The Wire), and Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice commercial dude). The casting was phenomenal. Newcomer Jay Ryan as grown up Ben was also a delight. Swoon. I think I have a thing for Jay’s cause #wow.

*clears throat*

Okay, back to the film….I already was excited because I felt as though the casting looked great! If you haven’t read the book, the first 25 minutes seems random and rushed. sue execution but I’m still confident. I was disappointed how they skated through showing us how their traumas as children seeped into the path they pursued in life ie. Bev being in an abusive relationship, Eddie being with an overbearing overweight woman, etc.

I was disappointed that the movie completely cut out how some of the spouses followed them to Derry. I was disappointed that the ritual was switched up at the end. LOL the route they chose was kinda lame. I also wish they didn’t just say he was a mythological being and then drop it. It felt like a lazy out versus the intricate explanation the book gives. Ending felt super forced and lol just lol at Pennywise’s demise. Also, where was the town flood? 😦 Lastly, I was majorly disappointed at the Hate crime at the beginning. One could argue that they wanted to stay true to the book – welllllll you cut out other shit so please why not cut out this gruesome crime that made me, and I’m sure many others, uncomfortable af. It didn’t add anything because at the end of the day Mike didn’t even reference it to the Losers!

Now, onto what I loved…..I loved the acting. Nobody dropped the ball. Casting was great. Bill Skarsgard made a perfect Pennywise! The twitching, the smiling, ugh dude was creepy. Actually scary and I’m not typically scared of clowns. The scene transitions between the Losers club younger and older selves were pretty smooth. The older actors really really nailed their counterparts mannerisms and all. BILL HADER. That’s it. He did so good!

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