I’ve been seeing the preview for this film since foreverrrrrrrrrr. Every damn movie I’ve seen, they’ve always had Good Boys in their previews reel. I’ve enjoyed it every time. No lie tho, I was a bit worried that the preview had a mashup of the best bits and the movie would actually disappoint.

I’m so glad I was WRONG. Dead wrong at that.

It was so funny. So raunchy. So adorable. And v enjoyable.

It’s basically about three boys that are trying to navigate through starting puberty, middle school, and girls while in pursuit of their first “kissing party.”

Cute kids cursing. Watching porn for the first time. Realizing your friend is a bit of a nerd. All the random awkward moments tweenhood throws in your face but packaged with a bunch of jokes. Actually it’s like a live action episode of Big Mouth. That’s the best way I can describe it. The bonus tho, is the boys are actually good boys and try their hardest to do the right thing. I want to write more but it’s actually impossible to without ruining all the good jokes. I just recommend you see it 🙂

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