Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

I want to start of by saying I’m a bit of a scardy cat. Yet somehow I’m always trying to see a scary movie. Why? The world may never know. The latest scary I indulged in was none other than Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. I was excited for it for three reasons. One, Guillermo Del Toro produced it. Two, it utilizes traditional special effects versus CGI. I’m not sure what it is about it, but lately I’ve been CGI’d out. Third, I actually read the books #nerd

“Stories hurt, stories heal, and if you repeat them often enough they become real”

That quote starts and ends the film. Very ominous foreshadowing. Screen pans out. We are transported to Halloween night, 1968 in a small town. We are introduced to a tween group of friends up to no good. Stella (Zoe Margaret Colletti), Auggie (Gabriel Rush), and Chuck (Austin Zajur). Normally I wouldn’t do the most to list new actors – but these kids are GOOD. Great casting + acting. It’s Halloween night and they are preparing to trick the hell out of someone. Poop in a bag, eggs, teepee toilet paper, etc. Off the bat there’s a real in your face Stranger Things//I.T vibe going on. Meh.

But guess what? It’s not a boy gang with a tomboy girl sidekick. Our female, Stella, is actually our leader. Our heroine. Our narrator. The glue that holds the pack together. Woo feminism.

Our gang ends up getting some much needed revenge on an asshole bully, meet a new friend, and end up at a haunted mansion. All in one night. Whew. Kids sure were busy bodies back in the day.

Obviously everything starts to go wrong and it’s a race against death. We hear every floor creak, door squeak, and long silences were you find yourself holding your breath together. Visually this movie was bomb…..the script tho? Not so much. Makes the movie a little choppy.

This movie was enjoyable. It also teaches the importance and consequences of gaslighting. So A++ for that 🙂

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