Angel Has Fallen

……So I walked in not remembering that this film was the third in a series. Somewhere halfway through it all started to feel familiar. The film starts off with Gerald Butler playing Mike Banning, a secret service agent. Through choppy scenes it is revealed Mike is going thorouuuugh it! He has insomnia. He’s shaking. He’s spaced out. Running on E. He knows it. His wife knows it. Those around him kinda know it too. It starts off a bit slow, we get introduced to the main players of this story.

I scoot over and whisper to Jay my prediction for the movie. Meh I hate when a film is toooooo predictable. The film has all the ingredients for spice: relationship drama, friendship drama, assassination, a set up, betrayal, daddy issues, etc. With popcorn and a coke its very fun to watch. Morgan Freeman plays the president. What more do you need?

It’s good for what it is, an action film. It is not the type of film that will teach you something or allow the critics to dissect it and analyze.

Gerald Butler has really grown on me. Jada Pinkett- Smith was a great surprise. I like her! If you don’t know by now, I tend to enjoy a movie a little more when I also like the actors in it. I like that you don’t need to have seen the previous “Fallen” movies to enjoy this one. The camera work was great. Interesting shots that really added to the tension and urgency of it. The script was perfect for the plot. If you enjoy action films, you’ll certainly enjoy this.

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