Don’t Let Go

If you’ve been reading my site then you know by now that my uncles were definitely my rocks! Growing up, they always made sure I understand that if shit went left they would make it right.

Soooooooo when I saw a movie preview for a film about a girl’s relationship with her uncle…..

And it was a thriller…..

And starring Storm Reid( A Wrinkle in Time & Euphoria)…..

And starring David Oyewolo ( Selma, The Butler, Gringo)…

And starring Brian Tyree Henry( Atlanta, If Beale Street Could Talk) …..

I was SOLD! Then we realized the theatres closest to us were NOT playing the film. What a scam. Anyways, we did the most but got to see the film. I somehow declared the film started at 4:30. It started at 4. Luckily previews are long but we def missed the first 10 mins probably. Sorry Jay.

okay, back to the movie. It’s essentially about Jack(Oyewolo), a very upstanding cop. He’s a great guy and always looking out for his niece Ashley(Reid). Her father/his brother is bipolar( I hate when mental illness is used to drive this whole idea of making someone a shady character) and used to slanggggg dope. He’s done with all that now but struggles with being the best father. Jack spazzes at him. He finds Ashley and her parents murdered the next day. Well, it’s a very sloppy painted Murder-suicide. Tbh, a lot of things in this film are sloppy.

He’s grieving. He’s hurt. etc. Then he gets a call. It’s Ashley. She’s somehow calling from a different timeline. She’s two days behind and it becomes a race for them to prevent her murder. Doesn’t that sound GOOD? I wish I could lie to y’all and say it was.

Oyewolo and Reid are great actors. They gave it their all. Great chemistry on screen but unfortunately the plot was sus. There were a lot of holes in it. They violated their own time travel rules in it. The bad guy was obvious in like the first 30 mins. The ending was lazy but I guess. Tbh this should have been a Netflix movie. I still enjoyed it but wish they fleshed out the plot and script more. 3/10.

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