The GoldFinch.


It’s here!

The GoldFinch. The movie trailer that lit a flame up my ass, inspired me to pull the trigger on this site, and write Yesterday.

What is it with Hollywood condensing 700+ pages of literature into an hour and a half movie. Unfortunately those who took on the task bit off more than they can chew. I wanted this movie to be my new fav. It won’t be but I appreciate it for what it was. It was such an emotional film.

It was hauntingly beautiful. The cinematography was amazing. It was mesmerizing. The acting was good. It was sad. It was dark. Boy was it depressing.

It has raw, relatable emotion.

There is no car chase. No superhero. No CGI effects. No clown. No supernatural aspect. It was raw. It was human. There is no boogyman. Well there is, but it comes in the form of disappointment. It’s a long thought out representation of love, loss, joy, pain, regret, redemption and uncertainty.

The film starts off with our protagonist a young adult in crisis mode preparing his suicide. But, how did we get here?

Suddenly the camera pans out. We’re reintroduced to our protagonist. As a child named Theo Decker. One minute he’s at a museum with his mother. The next, there’s an explosion that steals her life away. He ends up at the Barbour house. Nicole Kidman does a great job bringing depth to this secondary character. I could see the intrigue and sadness in her eyes every time she looked at him. She doesn’t directly state it but she grows to love Theo. Even handing him some anxiety medication after hearing him have nightmares.

It is here where we come to realize what Theo is in possession of. Through flashback we are whisked back to the explosion. We meet Mr.Blackwell who gives Theo a ring and instructs him to take the GoldFinch with him. After tracking down the Blackwell residence, we are introduced to Hobie(Jeffery Wright), Blackwell’s partner. Theo meets Pippa – the adorable girl he was crushing on in the museum. They grow fond of each other. He finds a friend in her and mentor in Hobie.

Finally he’s settled. He’s welcomed. He’s accepted and even gearing up to go on a family vacation when life throws him a curve ball. Cause that’s what life does. Just when everything makes sense, it’s like surprise motherfucker. 

His father has shown up along with a pale, raccoon eyed Sarah Paulson. Boom just like that, his world as he knows it is being snatched away again. 

At the airport, he’s about to go into full anxiety mode.

Give the kid a break though, he’s about to go through TSA with valuable art that he stole. 

Have no fear though, Sarah Paulson shall save the day with a magic pill. It’s implied it’s Xanax but who knows? 

They end up in a deserted desert city on the outskirts of California. No neighbors he can see. No real streets. Nothing like New York. 

At school he meets a kids who also seems to stick out. 

Finnnnnn! If you’re a Stranger Things or I.T fan – you’ll especially love this casting. Finn Wolfhard plays Boris. Theo’s new Russian best friend. They are seemingly different but right below the surface these two are cut from the same cloth. Both are outcasts. Both are neglected. Both have shitty fathers. Both had their mothers stolen from them by death. Both are now druggies. Having already been handed pills from trusted adults in his life. Theo has no qualms about taking drugs from his new buddy. They smoke together. They do acid together. They share their highs. Their lows. And everything in between. I love how the movie doesn’t utilize Boris’ sexuality as a stupid trope instead showing us the delicacy of it through his cuddling consolation of a Theo who struggles in his sleep.

One of the movies most mesmerizing scene was the two tripping out on acid together. All the colors flowing, seemingly blending on scene. 

When not doing drugs with his bestie. He’s dodging his father’s(Luke Wilson) antics. It’s clear this man only cares about his self. #sad

From tricking him into coughing up his social security number to trying to force him to empty out the academic trust found his mother left for him. Has no shame. No remorse in his eyes. Only frustration and get rich schemes dribbling from his lips. 

Just when you think you know where the movie is going…..His father dies.

There one second, gone the next in a drunk driving binge. Now what is Theo going to do?

Please go see this film to find out. It was beautiful. Fuck the critics. It’s a beautiful film that really holds you captive emotionally.

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