Passionate People

My favorite thing about the DMV is the people. Every crevice of the area is overflowing with creative, passionate people. Many of whom operate small business’ catering to their neighbors. Products and services by us, for us.

Studies show that by 2027, the freelancer economy will make up at least 51% of workforce. From side hustles to gigs to traditional freelancing, more and more people are deciding to showcase their talents and skills this way.

Well, what do you do when you want a more personalized, hands-on experience? Supporting a small business is always the way to go. The raw talent, drive, and passion it takes is magical compared to the coldness of big brands that usually sacrifice quality for quantity.

There isn’t a shortage of creatives in the area. Yet there is a deficit of resources for the sole purpose of finding one. I can’t speak on how many times I was seeking a freelancer to get something done and couldn’t find one. Why has nobody made a directory yet? Why isn’t it organized by area, services, etc and not exclusive to just beauty? So here we are, with me attempting just that.

Even if you don’t necessarily need a service, stop and take a second to read about the abundance of talent around you